Total Damage: 38.4%
Resupply Time: 20h 46min
Cantabery 1: 33% 4: 85% 7: 0%
Ashford 2: 58% 5: 90% 8: 0%
Whistable 3: 80% 6: 0% 9: 0%

Total Damage: 17.4%
Resupply Time: 17h 37min
Abbeville 1: 0% 2: 0% 3: 0%
Montreuil 4: 0% 5: 6% 6: 0%
Amiens 7: 51% 8: 54% 9: 46%

Total Damage: 0%
Resupply Time: 15h 0min
Essen 1: 0% 2: 0% 6: 0% 7: 0%
Dusseldorf 3: 0% 4: 0%
Koln 5: 0% 8: 0%
Frankfurt 9: 0%
[Factory Graphs] ×
{Currently Unavailable}
Current Tier: 1
British: 0%
French: 0%
German: 0%
Estimated Completion: 1 Jan 00:00 EST
[American BDE Movement]
Time (GMT)Moved ByBrigadeMoved FromMoved ToMoveable In
16:08dfadd92nd Infantry BrigadeHavelangeMeanAvailable
16:05dfadd91st Infantry BrigadeCineyHavelangeAvailable
12:54dfadd92nd Infantry BrigadeCineyHavelangeAvailable
12:54dfadd9th DivisionDinantCineyAvailable
[British BDE Movement]
Time (GMT)Moved ByBrigadeMoved FromMoved ToMoveable In
18:47dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)Brussels NEMechelen0.5 mins
18:47dfadd1st Infantry DivisionBrussels NEMechelen0.5 mins
18:23dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)LierSchilde22 mins
18:19dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)Brussels SEBrussels NEAvailable
18:19dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)LierSchilde18 mins
18:19dfadd1st Infantry DivisionBrussels SEBrussels NEAvailable
17:40dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)WavreBrussels SEAvailable
17:40dfadd1st Infantry DivisionWavreBrussels SEAvailable
17:16dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)NivellesWavreAvailable
17:16dfadd1st Infantry DivisionNivellesWavreAvailable
17:16dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)MechelenLierAvailable
17:16dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)MechelenLierAvailable
16:58dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)CharleroiNivellesAvailable
16:58dfadd1st Infantry DivisionCharleroiNivellesAvailable
16:58dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)Brussels NEMechelenAvailable
16:58dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)Brussels NEMechelenAvailable
16:40dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)SomzeeCharleroiAvailable
16:40dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)Brussels SEBrussels NEAvailable
16:40dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)Brussels SEBrussels NEAvailable
16:40dfadd1st Infantry DivisionSomzeeCharleroiAvailable
16:22dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)PhilipvilleSomzeeAvailable
16:22dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)WavreBrussels SEAvailable
16:22dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)WavreBrussels SEAvailable
16:22dfadd1st Infantry DivisionPhilipvilleSomzeeAvailable
16:04dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)MariemburgPhilipvilleAvailable
16:04dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)NivellesWavreAvailable
16:04dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)NivellesWavreAvailable
16:04dfadd1st Infantry DivisionMariemburgPhilipvilleAvailable
15:36dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)CouvinMariemburgAvailable
15:36dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)CharleroiNivellesAvailable
15:36dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)CharleroiNivellesAvailable
15:36dfadd1st Infantry DivisionCouvinMariemburgAvailable
15:17dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)RocroiCouvinAvailable
15:17dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)SomzeeCharleroiAvailable
15:17dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)SomzeeCharleroiAvailable
15:17dfadd1st Infantry DivisionRocroiCouvinAvailable
14:59dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)PhilipvilleSomzeeAvailable
14:59dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)PhilipvilleSomzeeAvailable
14:59dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)ChillyRocroiAvailable
14:59dfadd1st Infantry DivisionChillyRocroiAvailable
14:41dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)SignyChillyAvailable
14:41dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)MariemburgPhilipvilleAvailable
14:41dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)MariemburgPhilipvilleAvailable
14:41dfadd1st Infantry DivisionSignyChillyAvailable
14:21dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)RethelSignyAvailable
14:10dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)CouvinMariemburgAvailable
14:10dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)CouvinMariemburgAvailable
14:09dfadd1st Infantry DivisionRethelSignyAvailable
14:03dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)JunivilleRethelAvailable
13:51dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)RocroiCouvinAvailable
13:50dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)RocroiCouvinAvailable
13:32dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)ChillyRocroiAvailable
13:32dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)ChillyRocroiAvailable
13:14dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)SignyChillyAvailable
13:14dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)SignyChillyAvailable
13:01dfadd1st Infantry DivisionJunivilleRethelAvailable
12:56dfadd3rd Commandos (Rat Pack)MazagranJunivilleAvailable
12:56dfadd1st Guards (Armoured) (7th AST)LaunoisSignyAvailable
12:56dfaddSpecial Air Service (Lancers)LaunoisSignyAvailable
09:20sw11st Infantry DivisionMazagranJunivilleAvailable
08:35sw13rd Commandos (Rat Pack)SommepyMazagranAvailable
[French BDE Movement]
Time (GMT)Moved ByBrigadeMoved FromMoved ToMoveable In
16:23dfadd101r Escadron de ReconnaissanceAntwerp CentralAntwerp NorthAvailable
16:23dfadd104th Anti-Tank Regiment (Armored)Antwerp CentralAntwerp NorthAvailable
15:53dfadd104th Anti-Tank Regiment (Armored)LierAntwerp CentralAvailable
15:53dfadd101r Escadron de ReconnaissanceLierAntwerp CentralAvailable
15:35dfadd101r Escadron de ReconnaissanceMechelenLierAvailable
15:35dfadd104th Anti-Tank Regiment (Armored)MechelenLierAvailable
15:18dfadd101r Escadron de ReconnaissanceBrussels NEMechelenAvailable
15:18dfadd104th Anti-Tank Regiment (Armored)Brussels NEMechelenAvailable
14:44dfadd101r Escadron de ReconnaissanceLeuvenBrussels NEAvailable
14:04dfadd104th Anti-Tank Regiment (Armored)LeuvenBrussels NEAvailable
13:36dfadd101r Escadron de ReconnaissanceAarschotLeuvenAvailable
13:30dfadd4e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division HaybesGedinneAvailable
12:56dfadd605e Régiment de Pionniers (D Raiders)HaybesGedinneAvailable
12:54dfadd4e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division VireauxHaybesAvailable
11:48sw1605e Régiment de Pionniers (D Raiders)VireauxHaybesAvailable
11:45colt4e Groupe de Reconnaissance de Division GivetVireauxAvailable
[German BDE Movement]
Time (GMT)Moved ByBrigadeMoved FromMoved ToMoveable In
13:17SYSTEM4. Panzer-DivisionMeanNandrinAvailable
10:03blackeagle4. Panzer-DivisionNandrinMeanAvailable
Day 24 of Campaign 180
Server: Offline Population: Low Weather: Clear
[Attack Objectives]
Allied: 1 Axis: 1

Town: Nandrin
Contested: Yes
Town: Bievre
Contested: No
[Total Kills]
Allied: 74 K/D: 2.64
Axis: 28 K/D: 0.38
[Last 24 Hours]
Allies: 3,969 K/D: 0.98
Axis: 4,046 K/D: 1.02
[Town Ownership]
Allies: 51%Axis: 49%
[Taken in the past 24 Hours]
Bievre -> Allies
Mean -> Allies
Gedinne -> Allies
Haybes -> Allies
Waremme -> Allies
Beauraing -> Allies
LeChesne -> Allies
LeChesne -> Axis
Vireaux -> Allies
Betheniville -> Allies
LeChesne -> Allies
Sommepy -> Allies
Givet -> Allies
Hastiere -> Allies
Feschaux -> Allies
[Town Search]







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